College should be one of the most enjoyable times in your life, but these days it’s becoming stressful and overwhelming. What's more, getting the grades and graduating from a top university no longer guarantees you a job. Our programs will help you focus on what’s important, build your capacity in areas that employers find most desirable, help you manage stress, and develop clarity around your future path.

Preparing For Success Workshops

The Master Class

3.5 Hours that can change the next 4 years of your life

The Complete Series

5 x 1.5 hour workshops over five weeks for high impact and results

Advanced Series

7 X 1.5 hour workshops over 7 weeks for life changing impact and results!

The Master Class

3.5 hour workshop

Build strength in the 3 areas that predict long term success, beat stress, and develop a strategy that prepares you for success in university, your career, and beyond. Learn what it takes to set yourself apart from the competition and maximize your university experience!

  • Discover a proven success strategy
  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety
  • Develop clarity around your career path
  • Build a positive, resilient, mindset!
  • Be part of a high performing community
  • Develop skills that employers find valuable
  • Develop habits that increase your energy & performance
  • Learn how to build rapport, strengthen relationships, and create a powerful network

Complete Series

5 x 1.5 hour workshop series

Double your impact! Go deeper into the 3 predictors of long term success and receive more insight, tools, and mentorship that will improve your wellbeing and performance. You’ll also be paired up for the duration of the program and apply the skills you learn in each session to see real results.

Everything included in the Master Class, PLUS...
  • Go deep into each of the core areas that predict long term success and double your impact!
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities your generation faces, and how to leverage them.
  • Pair up for the duration of the program and apply the skills you learn in each session to see results.

Advanced Series

7 x 1.5 hour workshop series

Go for gold! In addition to everything you’ll accomplish in the Complete Series, benefit from two additional high-impact workshops that delve into the process of personal transformation, habit change, and how to find your purpose and career path. You’ll also learn how to manage and overcome your fears and turn them into a positive, constructive force in your life.

Everything included in the Master Class and The Complete Series, PLUS...
Receive two additional high-impact workshops. These include:

  • Discovering the art of personal transformation based on The Initiation method (Session 2)
  • Learning how to manage and overcome your fears (session 6)
  • Receive 20 minutes bonus Q & A and mentorship after each session.
Program Breakdown

What Makes Preparing For Success So Effective?

Intimate groups

We keep our workshops small (20 participants max.) to ensure you can participate in every discussion, and receive personal attention, guidance and mentorship from Elan and our instructors.

Application of ideas

With Preparing for Success you won’t just learn powerful ideas and winning strategies, you’ll also learn how to apply them in your life. After each workshop, you’ll receive take homes, rituals, and exercises to use at home, on the go, and in school.

Community support

To add to your experience, you’ll be paired up with another participant after the first workshop. Together, you will receive guided instruction on how to support each other throughout the series and help each other achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

Unparalleled Program

Preparing for Success is a one-of-a-kind program. It combines positive psychology, scientifically proven personal development practices, ancient wisdom, leadership training, and more into one life changing series.

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"In a recent survey conducted by Linkedin, 57% of business leaders identified soft skills (i.e. emotional intelligence, communication, time management and interpersonal skills) as more important than hard skills.”


“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.”

– W. Clement Stone

‘Student Stress is more likely to hurt grades then drinking and lack of sleep’

– The American College Health Association.

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