Praise from Students, Parents & Teachers
Divon Academy School Workshops

“Intro to Preparing for Success’ was incredible! It helped me in so many ways.... from managing stress, to thinking about my purpose, and how I connect with other people. I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

Mohammed Abusanina // Teacher at private school (Toronto)

“Divon Academy gave me a push. It forced me to challenge myself, face the future, and start thinking about what I really want to do in life. It also forced me to admit that I was scared of changing myself. Each workshop introduced me to concepts that I would never have learned in high school and it’s given me knowledge and skills I’ll take with me to university and the workforce. Through Success GPS I found a community, a mentor, and more confidence.”

Karlinna N. // 12th Grade Student

“Preparing for Success provides a fundamental building block that is necessary for the balanced growth and development of students. It should be included as mainstream curriculum alongside other regular subjects.”

Ini Umoren // Parent of Upper Canada College student (Toronto)

“Divon Academy's presentation to parents and students at our high school was inspiring, deeply resonated, and left us wanting more! The presentation was packed with practical tools on how to manage stress, prepare for success, and learn how to navigate transitions. As one of the organizers, I received many texts and emails of thanks and appreciation following the presentation. I highly recommend Elan and Divon Academy!!”

Diane Friedman // Parent and Board Member, King David High School (Vancouver)

Preparing For Success

“I’ve taken many extra-curricular courses in high school to prepare me for university, but Preparing for success was a cut above the rest. The class was interactive and gave me a lot of practical tools that I’ll be taking with me to university. Highly recommended!”

Diba Naser // University Student (Ottawa)

“Success GPS had a resounding impact on my life! The sessions were filled with tips, concepts, and inspiring ideas that have motivated me to strive for success and raise my standards. The delivery was fantastic, and the interaction with students in terms of asking questions, checking in with each of us, and making sure we share our takeaways created an optimal environment for learning. It was as if we were learning in a classroom and not online. This was an amazing program!“

Jexler Arabe // 12th grade high school student (Vancouver)

“The mentorship program has helped me in so many ways! I am more confident, less stressed, and have developed habits that have strengthened me physically and mentally. This has helped my academic performance and given me more focus and energy. Its been incredible! Thank you Elan for your wisdom and inspiration!”

Liam H. // 12th grade High School Student (Toronto)

School Success Program

“The best presentation”

Sheeja J. // High School Teacher (Toronto)

Success Workshop Mindset

“Best guest speaker ever”

John Georgoulis // High School Teacher, CW Jeffreys C.I.

“All the tools and wisdom I gained from Divon Academy workshops have helped me evolve, grow and develop a self-awareness and mindset that helps me stay positive and excited about my future. I’ve disconnected from unhealthy relationships, faced my fears, and am on my way to achieving my career goals. It’s been amazing.”

Europe Jama // Graduate student, Toronto

What Leaders Say About Divon Academy’s Founder
Elan Divon and Deepak Chopra

“Elan is a brilliant young man and emerging leader whose wisdom and insight will benefit future generations.”

Deepak Chopra

World-renowned speaker, author, and integrative health guru

“A rising star, those who have the opportunity to meet and hear Elan immediately recognize his wisdom and impact!”

Ambassador Haile Menkerios

Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations

"Many bright minds pass through Harvard each year. Very few have the unique combination of courage, determination, eloquence and imagination to take their passion, nurture their ideas, and bring them into the realm of actuality. Elan Divon is one such gifted individual. He is a young leader making a positive difference in the world."

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Harvard Medical School Professor, best selling author, and acclaimed motivational speaker

Elan Divon with Ron Arad

"I had the pleasure of working with Elan for three years in creating the Genius 100 Visions book honoring Albert Einstein. Elan’s personal touch, attention to detail and dedication were critical factors to the success of the project. He is wise, warm, and personable, and is one of those rare individuals who knows how to take an idea and make it happen."

Ron Arad

World renowned industrial designer, artist, and architect

“Driven by a deep sense of purpose to help people realize their potential, I have watched Elan inspire and mobilize others for the common good, and succeed at the highest levels.”

Larry Tanenbaum

Chairman, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

"Elan is an intellectual with the heart of a soldier and yet he relates to children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Astonishing. He responds to people in a cultural context. In this regard he is a man of the world with the elegance and mannerisms that come with the role. As a speaker he is engaging, his ideas riveting, fresh and inventive, but as a young man on the move, he is simply fun to watch. I could not recommend him more highly."

Sharon E. McKay

Award Winning Author & Canadian War Artist

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