Success GPS is a 7-part workshop series that helps students manage stress, clarify their goals,
and develop the core skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.
In 7 weeks, learn how to stand out, think different, and get ahead!

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Who is this Program For?

The program is for high school and university students who want to stand out, excel at whatever path they choose, and be career ready.

You Will Leave the Program With:

  • Self-confidence and the ability to overcome adversity
  • Tools to manage and neutralize stress
  • Greater focus and clarity around your goals
  • Habits that will help you sleep better, feel better, and perform at a higher level
  • Improved social, communication, and listening skills
  • Tips on how to stand out to employers
  • A new network and an amazing community
  • An understanding of what it takes to get ahead and climb the career ladder

“This program is something no student would want to miss out on. I'm truly thankful of the opportunity to be part of it, and become a greater version of myself after every workshop. It was an unforgettable trip!”

Jann Roque // 12th Grade Student (Vancouver)

“Prior to Success GPS, I thought I knew the basics of what leads to success; things like good grades, being active in my community, and having a plan. All that changed very quickly, and I realized this would be very different from typical programs...Overall, the program created a huge impact in my life and given me and other students a foundation from which to grow and strive for success. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity!”

Bea Solante // 12th Grade Student (Surrey B.C.)

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* Only 18 students per session *
Program Cost: $795

“I would definitely recommend Success GPS to students or professional suffering from stress, lack of motivation, and time management issues. This program helped me manage the stress of holding down a full-time job while being a student, but it also taught me patience, perseverance, and better habits that lead to success. This is the kind of program that companies should invest in their employees!”

Darlene Pepito // ~ Social Media Content Producer & Student

Faculty & Curriculum

Elan Divon

Program Instructor

Elan Divon: Founder & CEO, Divon Academy

Elan is a Harvard-trained author, speaker, and founder of Divon Academy: an organization that prepares students and young professionals for success by teaching skills essential for career preparedness, peak performance, and wellbeing. He has been lauded by influencers such as NBA Board Chairman Larry Tanenbaum and wellness guru Deepak Chopra, and has worked over the years with groups ranging from CEO’s to high school and university students, parents and professionals. Elan holds Masters degrees from Harvard and Brandeis Universities where he graduated with distinction, and a BA from Birkbeck College in London.

Workshop Breakdown

Workshop 1 Preparing for Success: The Right Strategy

Technology has disrupted how we live and work, but it has also disrupted the skills we need to succeed. In this presentation you’ll discover the 3 biggest predictors of long-term success and learn how to develop strength and capacity in these areas. You will leave the presentation with tools to help you manage stress and anxiety, build a resilient mindset, and develop clarity around what it takes to thrive in today’s fast changing world.

Workshop 2: Setting 'Stretch' Goals and Finding Purpose

Without a goal, how will you score? In this workshop, you will understand why clarity is power and reflect on your goals and inner motivations. You will differentiate between goals that are a means to an end, and ‘end goals’ that represent your larger aspirations in life. This will lead to a discussion on ‘purpose’, what it means, and and how you can leverage your strengths and passions into a future career that can serve others and help solve a problem.

On a practical level, you will identify short term goals and create an end of year statement outlining three ‘stretch goals’ you’d like to achieve, and the bases you need to cover in order to get there. In short, we’ll get specific on how to make this next year a resounding success!

Workshop 3: Stress Management and Peak Performance

In this workshop we’ll unpack the DNA of stress and how you can manage and minimize it. You will learn practical tools for de-stressing in high pressure situations and come to appreciate the difference between stress and ‘discomfort,’ and why discomfort is essential for your growth and development. You’ll also discover the science of peak performance and flow states, and learn how to induce flow in your daily routine in order to enhance focus, creativity, productivity, and wellbeing.

Part II of the workshop is all about habits. We’ll discuss the importance of habits in creating change and achieving optimal outcomes. You will then create and customize your own ‘habit plan’ by selecting from a menu of activities proven to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and commit to a “challenge” duration to implement your plan. The goal is to put ideas into action and see how small 2% changes in your daily routines can lead to exponential change and growth over time.

Workshop 4: Mindset Masterclass

In this workshop you will learn about the power of beliefs and its effect on your physical state and perception of the world. You will also learn how to cultivate a mindset that will make you more confident and self-reliant; one that is characterized by grit, proactivity, resilience and resourcefulness. Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • How beliefs shape your perception, reality, and outcomes in life.
  • Learning to see what you ‘don’t see’
  • Two mindsets: reactive vs proactive
  • Cultivating grit, resilience and the ‘long-term approach.’
  • Tools to identify and discard limiting beliefs
  • Learning how to handle and de-escalate negative thoughts and emotions
  • Learning how to generate confidence from within

Workshop 5: Building Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most critical predictors of success. Research shows that the higher you go up the career ladder the more emotional intelligence matters: “for top leadership positions they are about 80% to 90% of distinguishing competences” (Daniel Goleman), while 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies according to the Center for Creative Leadership.

In this presentation, you will learn simple techniques to develop your emotional intelligence and improve your relationships, communication skills, and ability to influence, lead, and have impact.

Topics we’ll discuss include:

    • How to identify your emotions and better regulate your emotions
    • Understanding how emotions affect judgment and decision-making processes
    • Connecting with others and influencing through positive emotion
    • Learning how to build rapport with people who are not ‘like you’
    • Fine tuning listening skills, body language, and learning how to build trust

Workshop 6: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed

It’s a noisy chaotic world out there with millions of ambitious students and graduates jostling for their place in the limelight. How can you stand out and get noticed? How can you craft a university essay or apply for a job in a way that commands attention? In this workshop, you’ll learn how. You’ll learn how to tell your story and express yourself in a way that is memorable, builds connection, and creates an impression.

You’ll also learn how people make decisions and the role emotion plays in influencing those decisions, and leave the workshop with practical tools on how to stand out no matter what path you choose.

Workshop 7: Defining Success and Tips for the Journey

What does success mean? What does it look like? And how do you get “there”? In this final core workshop we’ll integrate everything we’ve learned and start thinking critically about success. Students will come to realize that part of their journey in life is to define what success means to them and avoid measuring success based on subjective cultural standards. They’ll also appreciate that success is not always a destination or place but rather an inner space and a state of being. In so doing, we’ll draw upon a Harvard research study on ‘what makes a good life’ and gain wisdom from the science of happiness.

We’ll end with a group exercise and a letter of commitment that each student will draft and take home.

“Being a part of Success GPS has changed me as a person. It’s made me feel more comfortable talking to other people and handling stress and uncomfortable situations. This program also helped me realize who I want to be and what I want to do with my life; it made me open up to other people, and it made me realize that being different is a good thing… Now I’m ready and prepared for anything, and I’m really excited to go to university.”

Sawson Boucher // 12th Grade Student (Surrey B.C.)

“If I had to sum up Success GPS in 3 words it would be powerful, inspiring and insightful.
I feel a lot more prepared as a result of the program, I know a lot more about myself and the business world, I wake up every day happy. I’m ready. I’m ready to go!”

Adam Belmabkhout // Videographer and Filmmaker

Questions From Parents & Students

What if my son or daughter miss a workshop?

Not a problem! They can take the same session happening on a different day, and will also receive the link to the recorded webinar which they’ll be able to view for the duration of the program.

How many students per class?

To keep things intimate and ensure maximum participation and engagement, webinars are capped at 18 students.

Are workshops interactive?

Absolutely! Each workshop is a mix of presentations by Elan or the guest instructor, with group discussions. We ask a lot of questions during the workshop, and always dedicate time for Q and A at the end, so that student questions are answered and discussed.

What is the biggest change I will see in my child after completing the course?

You will see many changes. The most immediate are typically less stress and anxiety, greater self-confidence and better habits around exercise and social media use. You’ll also notice that your child is more optimistic about their future, doesn’t get frazzled as easily, and has greater clarity around their goals.

On what platform do workshops happen?

All workshops happen on Zoom. After signing up, you’ll receive a private link and password to every session, with simple login information. Its super simple.