The world is changing and parenting has become more challenging than ever before. The pressures on students to succeed are enormous, stress levels are soaring, and mental health issues are on the rise. And now there's Covid-19. Help!! Through Parent 360, you will learn how to help you child navigate the stresses of the pandemic, while helping them build better habits, a resilient mindset, and skills that predict long-term success. You’ll also learn tools that will make you a more effective parent and role model.

Webinar Series
5 webinars over 5 weeks
14 participants max.
Next program begins October 15
Private Groups
If you belong to a parent group or association and would like to schedule your own private Parent 360 series, click below.

Program Benefits

  • Discover a winning strategy for your child’s long-term success.
  • Enhance your and your child’s stress management skills.
  • Help your child become more resilient and better at handling adversity.
  • Learn how to teach and impart values upon your child and be a better role model.
  • Help your child find their path without imposing your own.
  • Help your teen transition into university and adulthood.
  • Boost your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through better habits .
  • Meet other parents and be part of an incredible and supportive parent community.
Parent 360 is a five part webinar series that combines live presentation with group discussion, individual exercises and Q & A. Next program will be instructed by Divon Academy Founder, Elan Divon.

Workshop Breakdown

1) Preparing For Success – The Right Strategy

Technology and Covid-19 have disrupted how we live and work, but they have also disrupted the skills young people will need to succeed. In this presentation you’ll discover the 3 biggest predictors of your child’s long-term success and learn how to help them develop strength and capacity in these areas. At the same time, you’ll learn strategies that will bolster your effectiveness as a professional and as a parent. You’ll leave the presentation with tools to help your child manage stress and anxiety, build a resilient mindset, and a winning strategy of what it takes to thrive in today’s fast changing world.

2) Stress management Skills & Peak Performance Habits

In this workshop we’ll unpack the DNA of stress and what you can do to manage and minimize it – both for yourself and your children. You’ll learn practical tools for de-stressing in high pressure situations, learn the difference between stress and discomfort, and why helping your child step into discomfort is essential for their growth and development. Finally, you’ll discover the science of peak performance and flow states, and how to trigger flow in order to enhance your and your child’s wellbeing, creativity, and productivity.

Part II of the workshop will focus on habits. We’ll discuss the importance of habits in creating change and achieving optimal outcomes in life. You will then create and customize your own ‘habit plan’ by selecting from a menu of activities proven to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and commit to a “challenge” duration to implement your plan. The goal is to put ideas into action and explore with your family how small 2% changes in your daily routines can lead to exponential growth and benefit over time.

3) Mindset Masterclass

In this workshop you will learn about the power of beliefs and its effect on your physical state and perception of the world. You will also learn how to help your child cultivate a mindset that will make them more confident and self-reliant; one that is characterized by grit, proactivity, resilience and resourcefulness. Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • How beliefs shape our perception, reality, and outcomes in life.
  • Learning to see what we ‘don’t see’
  • Two mindsets: reactive vs proactive
  • Cultivating grit, resilience and a long-term approach.
  • Tools to identify and discard limiting beliefs
  • Learning how to handle and de-escalate negative thoughts and emotions
  • Learning how to generate confidence from within

4) The Wisdom of Initiation: Helping Teens Transition into Adulthood

One of the most important duties we have as parents is to help our children find their own way and discover their voice and path in life. But with the amount of distraction coming from social media, peer pressure, and passing fads, it’s becoming harder for teens to find the signal in the noise and figure out who they are and what they really want.

What more, we parents tend to project our own dreams and aspirations onto our children rather than reflect possibilities that exist within them, which can sometimes hold kids back from achieving their potential. This workshop will show you how to avoid falling into this trap. As a result, you will learn the timeless wisdom of “initiation” and how you can help initiate your child into adulthood and into their own individuality, selfhood, and power. Whether you have teens or toddlers this workshop offers wisdom, tools, and a general road map that will help you become a wiser and more conscious parent.

5) Developing Values, Character, and Habits in Your Children

What are your values and how can you share them with your children? In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on your values and the kinds of values you would like to develop, impart, and uphold as a family. We’ll also discuss how to teach and model values and make them accessible to your child, along with core character traits such as courage and empathy. At the end of the workshop you’ll receive guidance on how to create your own family mission statement with your children and spouse, and how to put it into action during this time of increased home-isolation.

If you belong to a parent group or association and would like to schedule a private Parent 360 series for your group, let's talk!