We are entering a new and uncertain world. Automation, artificial intelligence, and social media have changed how we live, work, communicate and socialize, and what it means to be human. These changes have created a number of adaptive challenges, particularly for younger generations:

Mindset Gap

Our outer world moves at a lightening speed yet our inner world takes time to mature, ripen, and find its natural rhythm and beat. This discrepancy between outer and inner realties creates false expectations and a mindset gap. We are conditioned to believe that life moves quickly, when in reality, real change happens incrementally.

Attention deficit

Every two days we create more information since the dawn of human civilization until 2003. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ competing for our attention and it’s making it extremely difficult for people to focus, find the signal in the noise, and tune into their own emotional needs and internal dialogue.

Social isolation

We are all connected but more isolated then ever before. ‘We live 51% of our lives in cyberspace’ and spend more then half our waking hours online. Virtual communities have replaced real communities, and as a result, people have lost the subtle cues and graces of social interaction, but more importantly the support and comfort of real human connection.

Constant comparison

There’s a reason why “though shall not covet” made it into the Ten Commandments. As Theodore Roosevelt once said; ‘comparison is the their of joy.’ And yet we constantly compare ourselves to other people through our smart phones and tables, and its making us chronically unhappy, dissatisfied, and stressed.

All of these factors have led to what experts are calling a stress epidemic:

Suicide is up 25% in the U.S since 1999

The average diagnosis of depression has moved from 27 to just 14 years of age.

Companies are losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year on stress, sick days, lack of productivity, and retention.

High school and college students are more anxious and overwhelmed then ever before.

With the absence of passage rites to initiate people into this noisy, stressful, and fast changing world, Divon Academy offers programs and tools to help. By drawing upon ancient wisdom, positive psychology and science based personal development programs, we will help you invest in what matters and multiply your prospects for success and wellbeing.

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