You invest millions in hiring and training entry-level employees
but are not seeing a return on your investment. Instead, you have
retention issues, and a lack of productivity and engagement. Why?

Because there’s a gap between what schools teach and the skills you need as an employer. You aren’t looking for geniuses with GPA scores (you’ve got computers for that) you are looking for graduates with grit, initiative, collaboration and communication skills, adaptability, EQ, and the ability to handle stress and problem solve.

You are looking for employees with soft skills.

Introducing Success GPS

A soft skills accelerator that helps companies enhance their employee engagement, retention, and performance. The program takes entry-level employees on a journey of learning and growth that focuses on three proven success predictors; mindset, emotional intelligence, and stress management skills.

Through a series of 7-10 workshops, employees learn how to develop a winning mindset, become goal oriented, and take initiative. They also learn how to be better communicators and collaborators, develop a service orientation, manage stress and troubleshoot problems more effectively. At the same time, the program helps employees translate knowledge learned into action that builds better habits and enhances wellbeing.

Our goal is to upgrade your employee’s performance, unleash their potential, and increase their motivation and commitment to the job.

Why Your Company Needs This Program

The Return on Investment


Return on investment for every $1 spent on employee soft skills training.

Demand for
Soft Skills


Roughly 33% of Millennials say employers are falling short in developing soft skills.



Two in five employees leave a company because of a lack of learning and development opportunities.

Increased Employee Satisfaction


4 in 5 employees want better benefits over a pay raise.

Future Needs


Percentage of workers who will need retraining or reskilling by 2022.

How it works

Success GPS is delivered online and can be integrated into your company’s employee orientation program or professional development training any day of the week. Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and involves informal presentation along with breakout sessions, group discussions, and individual exercises. Workshops are capped at 20 employees to ensure optimal engagement. Complimentary one-on-one coaching is also included to help employees integrate their learnings in-between sessions and troubleshoot specific problems or concerns.

Schedule a consultation to learn how Divon Academy can help you:

  • Bolster your company’s employee training and benefits
  • Help your employees grow and develop their potential
  • Boost employee engagement as well as health & wellbeing
  • Connect your employees to world-class educators and experts
  • Maximize employee success through one-to-one coaching
  • Give your employees a certification that demonstrates your investment in them
Divon Academy Workshop
Divon Academy Certificate of Completion

Program Instructor

Elan Divon

Elan Divon

Focus area: Success GPS Core Program (Workshop 1-7)

Elan Divon: is a Harvard-trained author, speaker, and founder of Divon Academy.

He has been lauded for his work by influencers such as NBA Board Chairman Larry Tanenbaum and Wellness Guru Deepak Chopra and has worked over the years with groups ranging from CEO’s and business leaders, to high school and university students, parents and professionals.

Prior to launching Divon Academy, Elan co-founded the Einstein Legacy Project to support the next generation of innovators on the planet. The project was featured on NASDAQ and partnered with the European Space Agency to empower young innovators in underserved communities in South Africa. Elan holds Masters degrees from Harvard and Brandeis Universities

"I would definitely recommend Success GPS to students or professional suffering from stress, lack of motivation, and time management issues. This program helped me manage the stress of holding down a full-time job while being a student, but it also taught me patience, perseverance, and better habits that lead to success. This is the kind of program that companies should invest in their employees."

Darlene Pepito // Social Media Content Producer & Student

"Although I’m working in my dream job I had moments where I’d feel anxious and freak out if there was a problem or task that was challenging. I wanted to prove myself and was scared to ask for help. Taking this course calmed me down and showed me that no matter what challenge comes my way, I can handle it! As a result, I was able to get recognition from my peers and boss, rise up in the company, and get promoted.”

Shira Karney // Student & Associate Publisher, Holr Magazine

“Because I’ve taken the program, I’ve changed my mindset and have gone from a 40 to an 85 in terms of my motivation and energy levels. I feel that now I have an advantage over other students and professionals especially those who want to be in positions of leadership. I have the key to be successful. I know what to do. I have the magic potion!”

Gouri Misra // Student & Young professional

“If I had to sum up Success GPS in 3 words it would be powerful, inspiring and insightful. I feel a lot more prepared for the workforce as a result of the program, I know a lot more about myself and the business world, I wake up every day happy. I’m ready. I’m ready to go!”

Adam Belmabkhout // Videographer and Film Maker