“The most important extra-curricular program your child will ever take.”

Amanda J. ~ Parent of 11th grade high school student

How it works?

Over 11 weeks, your child will build skills that strengthen their mindset, sharpen their EQ and communication skills, and learn life-changing habits that set them on a path to success.

Students will participate in 7 LIVE interactive webinars with author and Divon Academy founder, Elan Divon, as well as 4 LIVE interactive webinars with global experts on topics vital to their future. These include a conversation with award winning Harvard Professor, Dr. Sanjiv Chopra on the keys to success, and a discussion on how to start a business and build a brand with social entrepreneur Kim Smiley.

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Who is this Program For?

The program is for students who wants to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd, crush stress, and develop skills that will help them thrive in university and their careers.

Students Will Leave the Program With:

  • Greater self-confidence and the ability to overcome adversity
  • Tools to manage and neutralize stress
  • Greater focus and clarity around their goals
  • Habits that will help them sleep better, feel better, and perform at a higher level
  • Improved social, communication, and listening skills
  • An understanding of what it takes to be world class
  • Tips on how to create a university application that stands out and commands attention
  • A new network of friends from outside school

Other Perks of the Program

  • Receive a Divon Academy Certificate confirming your completion of the program (this will be great for your resume!)
  • Grow your network and get to know students from around the world through our online private members community and forums.
  • Get discounts to exclusive webinars with CEO’s, VIP’s and business leaders – and discover insider tips on the interviewing process, trending jobs, how to build a resume that commands attention, and more!
  • Receive Divon Academy’s 6 Step Habit Changing System and start developing winning habits.
Stress Management Workshop

“Preparing For Success” is a must! In just a matter of hours, I was able to learn skills and techniques that are fundamental to living my best life. I highly recommend taking this course!”

Maor Ozery // 12th Grade Student (Toronto)

“Elan’s Intro to Preparing for Success’ was incredible! It helped me in so many ways.... from managing stress, to thinking about my purpose, and how I connect with other people. I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

Mohammed Abusanina // English teacher at private school (Toronto)

Divon Academy School Workshops
Program Begins February 2020!
~ Space is limited; 20 students per session ~
Register NOW and save 40%
The Investment: $77 a week for 11 weeks - $847 Total
(Standard price is $1495) Promo Ends January 31

“I’ve taken many extra-curricular courses in high school to prepare me for university, but Preparing for Success was a cut above the rest. The class was interactive and gave me a lot of practical tools that I’ll be taking with me to university. Highly recommended!”

Diba Naser // Former 12th Grade Student (Ottawa)

Preparing For Success

Faculty & Curriculum

Elan Divon

Preparing for Success (7 core workshops)

With Elan Divon: Harvard trained author, speaker, and founder & CEO, Divon Academy

Elan combines his graduate work at Brandeis, McGill, and Harvard Universities and experience as a non-profit executive into a passion for helping students thrive in an age of disruption. Over the years, Elan has worked with a variety of groups: from embattled Israeli and Palestinian teenagers, to the homeless, CEO’s, business leaders, educators and students, bringing practical wisdom and innovative solutions to the educational and social challenges of our day. He has been lauded by influencers such as NBA Board Chairman Larry Tanenbaum and Wellness Guru Deepak Chopra.  More about Elan at www.ElanDivon.com

Sanjiv Chopra

The Holy Grail of Success: Tips and Tools Every Student Should Know

With Dr. Sanjiv Chopra: Award winning Harvard professor and best-selling author

Sanjiv Chopra is a distinguished professor of medicine and former Faculty Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the Harvard Medical School. He is the recipient of numerous teaching awards and is a best-selling author and highly acclaimed motivational speaker. More about Dr. Chopra at www.SanjivChopra.com

Kim Smiley

Starting a Business and Building a Brand For the Public Good

With Kim Smiley: Harvard trained Social Entrepreneur, Designer, and founder of The Empathy Effect

Kim Smiley has been hailed as a trailblazer for marrying fashion, philanthropy and social justice. She is the creative force behind Kim Smiley Inc., a fashion house that employs marginalized women at a Living Wage, and partners with charities to raise funds and awareness. Kim is also the creator of The Empathy Effect, a global movement that has attracted over 200,000 social media followers. Kim’s work has been featured on CBC and Global National News, and her creations have appeared in Elle, Hello! Maclean’s and Vogue. More about Kim at www.kimsmiley.com

Rob McLullan

Financial Literacy 101: Planning Your Financial Future One Latte at a Time

With Rob McMullan: Harvard educated financial services expert

Rob is a Harvard educated financial services expert. A Toronto native, Rob has lived and worked in Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver, Boston and New York and most recently served as an investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy. He holds the Personal Financial Planner designation from the Canadian Securities Institute, and is passionate about helping students and professionals learn financial planning skills to create wealth and abundance.

Natalie Matias

Crushing Stress and Boosting Health

With Natalie Matias: Leading Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

Natalie brings meditation and stress management tools to boardrooms and classrooms across Canada and the GTA. She has worked with companies such as We Work, RBC, and RedBull, as well as schools and youth summer programs, with a one on one personal coaching style that has helped her clients achieve results they considered impossible. Her goal is to create work cultures and classrooms that foster connection, purpose, engagement, happiness, and growth.  More about Natalie at www.nataliematias.com

Workshop Breakdown

Workshop 1 Success in an Age of Disruption: Finding the Winning Strategy

In this workshop we’re going to look at the world from 50,000 feet up and understand how technology is disrupting not only the workforce, but the very skills students and professionals need to succeed. As such, we’ll explore the 3 biggest predictors of long-term success and how to develop strength in these areas.  Skills include: mindset, emotional intelligence, and the ability to handle stress and adversity. We’ll also work on building trust and fostering openness in the group, and get to know each other through ice-breakers and small group exercises as we set the stage for the coming weeks!

Workshop 2: Setting 'Stretch' Goals and Developing Purpose

In this workshop, students will understand the power of goal setting and why clarity = power. Students will think about their goals, what’s driving them and why; and learn the difference between goals that are a means to an end, and ‘end goals’ that represent ultimate goals in life. This will lead us to a discussion around ‘purpose’, what it means, and how to find it. Throughout, students will reflect upon their strengths, curiosities, and passions, and how these might be developed and integrated into a future career that combines these elements together.

On a practical level, students will reflect on what will make this year a home run and the 3 bases or milestones that must be covered in order to get there. In short, we’ll get specific on how to make this next year a tremendous success!

Workshop 3: Stress Management and Peak Performance 101

Students will understand what stress is, where it comes from, and what they can do to manage and minimize it. They’ll also learn practical tools and strategies for de-stressing in high pressure situations and learn the difference between stress and discomfort. As such, students will understand why stepping into uncomfortable situations and learning to handle tension and discomfort is essential for their growth and development.

Pivoting from stress to the science of peak performance, students will learn about flow states, its benefits, and how to induce flow in order to enhance focus, creativity, and productivity.

Workshop 4: Ideas to Action: Developing Winning Habits

Building on the previous workshop, we’ll discuss the importance of smart habits in helping to reduce stress and maximize peak performance and wellbeing. Students will then create and customize their own ‘habit plans’ by selecting from a menu of activities proven to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They will then commit to a “challenge” duration to implement their plans, while creating a support network or ‘tribe of 5’ to help them stay motivated and accountable. This is all about putting ideas into action, and empowering students to see how small 2% changes in their daily routines can lead to amazing outcomes and benefits.

Workshop 5: Mindset Mastery

Students will learn about the power of beliefs and personal narratives and its effect on mindset. Students will also discover how to cultivate a growth mindset; one that is characterized by optimism, grit, and the long-term approach. They will come to understand that success is not about their resources, but rather, resourcefulness, and that their past does not have to determine their future. Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • How beliefs shape our perception, reality, and outcomes in life
  • Learning to see what we ‘don’t see’
  • Two mindsets: reactive vs proactive
  • Cultivating grit, resilience and a long-term approach
  • Tools to identify and discard limiting beliefs
  • Learning how to handle and de-escalate negative thoughts and emotions
  • Learning how to generate confidence from within

Workshop 6: EQ and Interpersonal Skills

Emotional intelligence is one of the most critical predictors of success. Research shows that the higher you go up the (career) ladder the more emotional intelligence matters: “for top leadership positions they are about 80% to 90% of distinguishing competences” (Daniel Goleman), while 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies according to the Center for Creative Leadership.
In this presentation, we’ll learn simple techniques to develop our emotional IQ in order to improve interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and emotional / cognitive control. Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • How to identify emotions and better regulate them
  • Understanding how emotions affect our judgment and decision-making process
  • Connecting with other people through positive emotion
  • Learning how to build rapport with people who are not ‘like you’
  • Fine tuning listening skills, body language, and learning how to build trust
  • Understanding the 6 basic human needs

Workshop 7: Defining Success and Tips for the Journey

What does success mean? What does it look like? And how do you get “there”? In this final core workshop we’ll integrate everything we’ve learned and start thinking critically about success. Students will come to realize that part of their journey in life is to define what success means to them and avoid measuring success based on subjective cultural standards. They’ll also appreciate that success is not always a destination or place but rather an inner space and a state of being. In so doing, we’ll draw upon a Harvard research study on ‘what makes a good life’ and gain wisdom from the science of happiness.

We’ll end with a group exercise and a letter of commitment that each student will draft and take home.

Bonus Workshops with Guest Faculty

Bonus Workshop 1: The Holy Grail of Success: Tips and Tools Every Student Should Know

In this workshop, you will learn practical tips for success, happiness, and wellbeing from one of Harvard’s top professors.

You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions through an extensive Q & A period with Dr. Chopra. This webinar will combine 30 minutes of informal presentation that distills wisdom on happiness and success with 30 minutes of Q and A. Questions can be submitted in advance. (You’ll receive details closer to the presentation).

Bonus Workshop 2: Starting a Business and Building a Brand For the Public Good

Many people have great ideas about starting a business that serves the public good but never make it past first base. They have great intentions but fall short on execution. In this presentation you’ll learn how to turn a business idea into a reality that can serve the public good and be profitable at the same time. We’ll talk about the keys to building a brand and getting your message out there; how to inspire followers and engage community support; and explore the challenges and curveballs that most entrepreneurs aren’t prepared for when they set out to pursue their big idea. Whether you plan to start a social or business venture one day or not, this presentation will give you tools and strategies to help you on life’s journey.

Bonus Workshop 3: Financial Literacy 101: Planning Your Financial Future One Latte at a Time

Everyone wants to make money! But money is something you will need to think carefully about as you plan your future, especially if you want to be ahead of the game. In this workshop, you will learn about the four basic principles of money management:

Preparing to make money, making money, saving money and investing money. And you are going to leave this workshop with an understanding of how to balance a budget, save money, and multiply money you save through simple and effective money management tips.

Bonus Workshop 4: Crushing Stress and Boosting Health

In this workshop we offer students practical experience with a wide range of meditation tools that will help manage the stress that continuously surfaces on a path of high achievements. From stress reduction, to body scan, and visualization meditations each student will have the opportunity to design their own Stress Management Strategy (SMS) to curate a system that works in benefit for their unique self. We will also discuss the known and unknown sources of stress and discover the numerous ways stress can show up. This will help further build an SMS to include both short and long term solutions to managing stress and building an overall healthy lifestyle.

Divon Academy Program

"Elan's workshops provide students with the tools necessary to navigate the challenges posed by technology and disruption, while developing skills to successfully realize their personal goals."

Rossana Cossaro and Vaughn Perusse // High School teachers, St Patrick Secondary (Toronto)

Program Begins February 2020!
~ Space is limited; 20 students per session ~
Register NOW and save 40%
Investment: $77 a week for 11 weeks - $847 total
(Standard price is $1495) Promo Ends January 31

Questions From Parents & Students

What if my son or daughter miss a workshop?

Not a problem! They can take the same session happening on a different day, and will also receive the link to the recorded webinar which they’ll be able to view for the duration of the program.

How many students per class?

To keep things intimate and ensure maximum participation and engagement, webinars are capped at 18 students. The only exception will be bonus webinars with guest faculty where 2-3 groups may be combined into one class. In such instances, we will increase the session duration and allow students to prepare questions in advance to ensure they have ample time to engage and interact with the speaker.

Are workshops interactive?

Absolutely! Each workshop is a mix of presentations by Elan or the guest instructor, with group discussions. We ask a lot of questions during the workshop, and always dedicate time for Q and A at the end, so that student questions are answered and discussed.

What is the biggest change I will see in my child after completing the course?

You will see many changes. The most immediate are typically less stress and anxiety, greater self-confidence and better habits around exercise and social media use. You’ll also notice that your child is more optimistic about their future, doesn’t get frazzled as easily, and has greater clarity around their goals.

On what platform do workshops happen?

All workshops happen on Zoom. After signing up, you’ll receive a private link and password to every session, with simple login information. Its super simple.