In an Age of Disruption

Our Approach

As technology and Covid-19 transforms the workforce, the skills students need to succeed are being disrupted. Success is no longer predicted by IQ, GPA scores, and technical skills.

Instead, it is predicted by three simple variables:

Mindset, emotional intelligence, and stress management skills

Our programs help students build muscle in these areas

to ensure career readiness, wellbeing, and higher performance,

while helping parents and educators reinforce these skills

Success in School


Be more resilient and proactive, radiant confidence, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

Improve Relationships and Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Be a better communicator, improve your social skills, learn to stand out and broaden your network.

Stress Management

Manage stress and anxiety, build more energy, and develop habits that will help you perform at a higher level.

See Results

We’re not just about big ideas, we’re about action! Our programs help students apply the tools they learn into consistent action that delivers results. This means greater confidence, better habits, less stress, career preparedness, and higher performance.

Let's prepare for success!

“I’ve taken many extra-curricular courses in high school to prepare me for university, but Preparing for Success was a cut above the rest. The class was interactive and gave me a lot of practical tools that I’ll be taking with me to university. Highly recommended!!”

Diba Naser - University Student, Ottawa

“Preparing for Success’ was incredible! It helped me in so many ways.... from managing stress, to thinking about my purpose, and how I connect with other people. I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

Mohammed A. – Teacher and educator, Toronto